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Getting Baby To Sleep Through The Night Supports The Emotional Health and Well-Being Of Parents/Caregivers As Well As Baby
Sleeping through the night is one of the first challenges faced by parents of the new baby, and of course the older baby. Parents will hear or read advise like: "everybody loses sleep with a new baby, you get through it, or, just get them on a schedule and be consistent, etc.."  Parents are probably thinking: what? and how?  Then they start going to look for information.  That can be rather overwhelming, but necessary.
The Madayo's Child Parent Resource believes that parents' emotional health and well-being needs to be supported and nurtured before and during the child-rearing years.  An emotionally happy parent will be even more loving and nurturing to Baby/Children.  Yes, they want some specific guidance and need to know exactly what to try, some details actually.  A new parent is just that, a new parent.  Right? What do you say?  Madayo understands that perfectly, and gives the details.  We know that parents sometimes just don't feel like reading a whole lot, particularly once Baby comes home.  They usually have time before Baby comes.
Madayo recommends being prepared- starting early, learning what you can do to help Baby sleep through the night by having a plan in place when Baby comes home.  This will reduce the overall anxiety associated with sleep deprivation.  Parents might be getting up in the middle of the night and early morning with Baby, but at least they will have something to do to help Baby learn night sleep from day sleep.    
Parents might say, "what plan?"  Oh, there is a wealth of information out there and it can be a daunting task to pin-point the plan.  Madayo has done some research and narrowed it down for you in Good Night, Baby, Good Night by Harriett Madayo Watson.  The eBook is available on your favorite eReader:  such as: Nook, Sony, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo
The Madayo’s Child Parent Resource teaches specialized techniques to parents to help them get their infant or older baby to sleep through the night. Madayo’s Child provides a step-by-step technique to parents through her first book, Good Night, Baby, Good Night and the Spoken Word, MP3/CD (all digital downloads available).  The MP3 is a great summary version of Chapter 2 of the book.  Listening to the calming voice of the author, you will easily memorize the bedtime routine.  The book will give you additional supportive information. 
If you really want to get your baby to sleep through the night, then you have come to the right place.  
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 Madayo believes pregnant moms have a lot to prepare for and a lot on their minds before Baby comes, not just the dreaded sleep deprivation.  Having some information about their anticipated “unknowns” or apprehensions will help them with emotional transitions.  Here are some insights from Dr. Roshan,OB-GYN:
“When Will I be able to…….”
The scoop on how things will go post-birth.

…hold the baby?
Right away. Moms who deliver vaginally and have an uncomplicated birth usually get to hold their babies within minutes -- even seconds! Some experts believe that immediate skin-to-skin contact is important for mom/baby bonding and that breastfeeding as soon as you can helps baby learn better too. Baby may get whisked away soon after too get weighed and cleaned up, but don’t worry. You’ll get to keep him.

…go home?
2-4 days. Vaginal birth usually requires a two-night stay in the hospital -- you’d probably be fine to leave after 24 hours, but baby could need to be observed a little longer than that. If you get a C-section, the norm is generally about four days, as long as you’re recovering normally.

…drink coffee?
Within hours. If you're really craving a cup of java, you can probably have one with our post-delivery meal. Just don’t go too crazy. If you're breastfeeding, you should keep to about one to two cups a day or less, like you did during pregnancy.

…eat sushi?
As soon as you want! Yay! Once you give birth, you no longer have to miss out on indulging in raw seafood. But if you’re breastfeeding, stick to low-mercury fish like salmon, shrimp, and whitefish.

…drive a car?
1-6 weeks. No, you shouldn’t drive home from the hospital, and you'll want to wait until any medication is out of your system and you’re not in pain before you get behind the wheel. If you had a C-section, though, your doctor will probably tell you to wait about six weeks so there’s no risk of tearing your incision.

1-8 weeks. If you're normally active and you have a complication-free delivery, you may be able to do light exercise (like walking-- don’t push it!) within days of delivery. Of course, you're more likely to feel like exercising around four weeks. And any medical procedures or a C-section could keep you resting longer.

…have sex?
6 weeks. Wait until your doctor clears you before you do the deed. Usually, this happens at the first postpartum checkup, which is around six weeks after birth (even if you had multiples!). If you had certain complications, had stitches that haven’t healed well or some other issue, your doc may say to wait longer.

…take birth control?
6 weeks. You don’t need it if you aren’t having sex! If you're breastfeeding and want to be on birth control medication, you'll have to opt for a progestin-only pill, which is less likely to affect your milk supply than combination pills. Ask your doctor about other options, like an IUD, too.

…go back to work?
6 weeks-4 months. Of course, this depends on your employer’s maternity leave policy and your financial situation, but short-term disability insurance normally covers six weeks for vaginal delivery and eight weeks for a C-section.

…have celebratory champagne?
Within days. Itching for a drink? The good news is you could have one right after baby is born if you really wanted to. But remember: It’s not a good idea to drink more than a glass here and there if you're breastfeeding. Plus, it should be at a moment when you know there will be along time until baby’s next feeding, and baby isn’t exactly predictable just yet. And we doubt you'll want bubbly right after birth -- sleep and a burger might be more your speed. We say wait at least a couple days.
The Bump Expert: Daniel Roshan, MD, OB-GYN At Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine In New York City
Consultations and parent coaching (click to register) sessions can be scheduled to assist parents with other challenges that arise during the child-rearing years, not just sleep issues. 
Madayo’s training and easy to follow materials provide parents with the ability to feel empowered as they begin to sleep-train their baby as early as five and a half to six weeks old.  Don't get "hung up" on the word "TRAIN".  It really means "HELP" Baby learn to sleep through the night.  And parents may not have to experience sleep deprivation during the first year or two.  More importantly, parents will really feel empowered as time goes on and Baby is older, 5 to 8 months or earlier, and they witness the development of certain character traits in their baby such as, independence and patience, and all this by following the sleep-training techniques in the book.  Oh yes, and even if Baby happens not to sleep through the night, you will still be building other qualities in  Baby, soon to be Toddler.  These qualities will be on a smaller scale for Baby, but much more profound in your 2 year old.  It will be beautiful to watch it unfold.
Priceless techniques for getting your infant or older baby to sleep through the night are introduced in the valuable, Good Night, Baby, Good Night The eBook has a different cover than the paperback, but the same great information. As it should be, the book keeps the focus on YOU and BABY as ONE by providing practical tips on:
■ Why sleep train your baby early?
■ How to promote nighttime sleep by using
calming and comfortable techniques.
■ The importance in developing a sleep
■ How baby can sleep at night with
■ Additional parenting skills to use with
baby as he/she gets older.
This short book not only gives you comprehensive details and explanations about sleep training your baby, but it also provides additional information to help you with your baby. It offers healthy baby sleep solutions with easy to follow steps to get your baby’s sleep schedule in place soon after birth.  It can also work with getting your older baby on a great schedule too.  It discusses how healthy sleep habits, when established early, will continue as the child grows and can last for years to come.  If your child is older, 2 or 3, you may need additional assistance by scheduling a one-on-one consultation or coaching sessions.  
The private parent coaching sessions are available to address sleeping and other challenges you may be experiencing with your children ages 0 through 7.  
Now let us get back to Baby. Think about it.  When baby sleeps at night, parents sleep tight. Good Night, Baby, Good Night offers baby sleep solutions because it is a baby sleep guide for not just new parents, but also for parents who have other children but still want to learn some baby sleep training techniques or approaches that they had not thought of before.
With this guide, Baby and parents can sleep through the night, especially parents.  Parents can happily announce to their friends and family, “our baby sleeps through the night and so do we.”  Parents and all caregivers of the baby can have access to priceless information about simple easy to use techniques for establishing a routine for getting baby to sleep through the night.
Good Night, Baby, Good Night will assist parents in getting their healthy baby ready for the new world.  Parents can achieve nighttime sleep for Baby with simple and easy to follow steps.  You get a lot more benefits than a baby that sleeps through the night when you follow the steps in the book.  You will be developing character traits in your child that you didn't even think about because you thought the child would have to be much older for you to notice these traits (discussed above).
Yes, Baby can be the best nighttime sleeper ever.  Then parents can get the much needed sleep they need.  What this book offers is the foundation for sleep training Baby, but what parents can learn is that when Baby sleeps through the night,  the soon to be Toddler has already learned to sleep through the night, and so has their 4,5,6 year old, and older child.  Parents will have established a schedule for Baby that can surly become healthy sleep habits for the older child.  What parent doesn't want that?   Well, some may not be that concerned initially and that's fine.  But if they are, then Good Night, Baby, Good Nightis the baby sleep resource to try.
 Parents will be happy to know that this book is extra sensitive to their needs, feelings, concerns, and apprehensions about getting their brand new baby to sleep through the night.  Yes, Baby is going to sleep anyway, but parents usually like to sleep at night, straight through the night, and Baby doesn't know the difference.  Well, Good Night, Baby, Good Night can make the difference.  It will help parents to help Baby know the difference between nighttime and daytime sleep.  Just how is that done?  In short, parents will do what they already know, but they will learn about “when” and "how" to do it.
The baby sleep solutions discussed in the book can provide parents with the tools they need to initiate early sleep habits for their baby in order to facilitate nighttime sleep. Parents will learn the importance of baby sleep schedule consistency.  As with anything that is important to accomplish, in this case, getting Baby to sleep through the night, we give it our best effort. 
 First, parents have to decide if early sleep training for their baby is important to them.  Second, they should think about if they are ready for the future consequences of poor sleep habits in their children.
The spoken word, Good Night, Baby, Good Night MP3/CD. is the perfect solution for parents who want easy access to the sleep training techniques and can have them memorized while they are on the go (again all digital downloads available).  The CD is just 17 minutes long.  If parents want more detailed information, and they usually do, about the sleep training, they will want to have the eBook and or paperback as well. Getting Baby to sleep through the night has never been easier. 
The CD highlights the sleep training methods and techniques of the book. You can actually get Baby to sleep with this training CD.  But you may decide you want the eBook or paperback for added details on the sleep training and additional information to enhance your parenting skills
Infants sleep a lot, but not 24 hours a day.  Following the steps in Good Night, Baby, Good Night supports parent/caregiver sleep needs, while at the same time, provides tender and loving ways to help Baby sleep through the night.  You will learn to be even more organized by utilizing the baby sleep routine with your new addition to the family, hence, more time for you, your mate, other children, etc.  Let's face it, you don't just have a sweet little infant/baby.  Again, you have a little person that will soon be a toddler and these sleep training methods/techniques will assist you with developing many character traits that you want to promote in your child, not just good sleep habits.
Yes, your healthy infant can sleep through the night as soon as 7 to 8 weeks old.  It is a sweet process outlined in the book and CD.  Perhaps you have other children, well, this sleep training for Baby can allow you extra time with your other children in order to support and nurture their needs even more.  And if you don't, then you can nurture your needs some more.  Baby sleeping through the night will give you this and much more.
You will be thrilled to experience how easy it is to try the techniques for getting Baby to sleep soon after birth and for your older baby.  Remember, you will be getting up 2 to 3 or more times a night with Baby.  You may as well have a plan since you're up anyway.  Good Night, Baby, Good Night is your plan and your guide and a must read and listen to the CD.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!